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THE SEEYA reveals the face of member Oh Yeon Kyung

November 5, 2012 @ 5:08 pm
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Core Contents Media has revealed the face of member Oh Yeon Kyung from the upcoming female group THE SEEYA. The original SeeYa disbanded in early 2011 and this group will be a reboot.

Oh Yeon Kyung is 19 years old with a somewhat boyish appearance and she participated in Brown Eyed Soul's album 'La La La' as a freshman in high school.

Core Contents Media revealed, "The rest of the members' faces will be revealed in order. Their title song, "Be With You", is a song that Duble Sidekick (Double Sidekick) composed and will be released online on the 12th."

Tip: Tina Nguyen

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