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Kim Jang Hoon to release 3D version of "Nothing" MV

November 30, 2012 @ 8:37 am
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Singer Kim Jang Hoon is currently preparing to release a 3D version of the MV for his latest single, "Nothing".

Kim Jang Hoon stated, "3D is the next generation of display and only available within a few companies. But [after hearing the news of] Korean companies commercializing it, I couldn't contain my shock and happiness. Because QBROAD also has a great interest in science and technology, I think that is why they approved of it. I also wanted to return the favor for the staff who created the best production for the "Nothing' MV, and I think it is a polite gesture to the director and art engineers. I am happy to give emotion and joy through new technology for the fans who only watched the 2D version. I hope that you can feel 'Nothing' once again through the 3D version."

Kim Jang Hoon is set to release the 3D version of the "Nothing" MV as well as his 10th album on December 6th!

Watch the 2D version of the "Nothing" MV while you wait!

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