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Girls' Generation's "Flower Power" ranks #1 on Recochoku's daily chart

November 8, 2012 @ 7:23 am
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Girls' Generation's new title song "Flower Power" is already off to a great start in Japan as they ranked first on Japan's Recochoku's call forwarding ringtone daily chart immediately after the ringtone version of the song was released on the site.

This is not the first time as in the past, Girls' Generation's "Oh!" and "Mr. Taxi" have also placed first on Recochoku's charts.

Girls' Generation's new album has 12 new songs, including previous hits "Paparazzi" and "Oh!", and will be officially released in Japan on November 28th following the release of "Flower Power" single on November 21st.

Congratulations to the girls!

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