Boom lip syncs at Leeteuk's farewell party?

November 8, 2012 @ 7:44 am
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The 'Strong Heart' panel prepared a 'Goodbye Leeteuk' special before he left for the army.

The panel was discussing what happened at the farewell party they threw for Leeteuk, when Super Junior's Yesung jokingly complained, "I've never seen anyone who's talked about going to the army so much. He's been mentioning it continuously for the past year. We kept throwing farewell parties. Park Kyung Lim threw one [for him] recently with Lee Jung Hyun."

Lee Jung Hyun confirmed, "Park Kyung Lim asked me if I knew Leeteuk. She said that they were throwing a farewell party for him because he's going to the army. It was really fun."

Park Kyung Lim added, "We invited Boom as the singer and prepared a quiz. I've never seen anyone lip sync at a personal party before," causing the studio to laugh.

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