'Gag Concert's Brownie and Madam Jung team star in 'Bean Pole' CF

November 17, 2012 @ 12:59 am
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'Gag Concert's stuffed animal Brownie and the Madam Jung team's popularity seems to have no end in sight for in addition to having their own music video and magazine photoshoot, they have now starred in a CF for outerwear brand 'Bean Pole'.

Bean Pole stated, "We designed a customized version of our representative down coat to fit Brownie and produced a fresh and skinny fit, and even intricately designed a hat to make for a stylish outerwear."

The 'Bean Pole' CF shows the 'Madam Jung' team and Brownie acting out their typical 'Gag Concert' corner in a 'Bean Pole' flagship store in Seoul's Time Square Mall.

Check out the CF below!

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