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Actress Song Ji Eun changes her name to Song Seo Yeon

November 11, 2012 @ 10:01 pm
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Actress Song Ji Eun, who's known for starring in the dramas 'Cheer Up Mr. Kim' and 'Lie To Me', has changed her name to Song Seo Yeon.

On November 11th, her agency, T&R Global Networks announced the name change and explained, "While she has been busy with her activities under the name Song Ji Eun, many people have confused her for SECRET's Song Ji Eun. We were disappointed seeing her news be buried, therefore we have decided on the name change."

Lastly, her agency commented, "With her new name, she will be working harder on her activities, so please watch over her."

Source & Image: X Sports News via Nate



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