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Kim Jang Hoon releases MV teaser for "Not Here" featuring Paris Hilton

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Earlier this week, Kim Jang Hoon revealed jacket photos for his 10th album some of which featured American socialite Paris Hilton. He has now released the first music video teaser for ballad "Not Here".

He shared the teaser on an October 19th me2day post writing, "Kim Jang Hoon new song 'Not Here' teaser video - thanks to the government it was a little late, but after much hardship here is the teaser. Pregnant women and elderly folk, please lower the volume keke. On the 25th at 12 noon look forward to the whole song and video. Really... you need to watch it in 3D for 100 times the amazement, please watch it in 3D later. I spent over 1.5 billion [~$1.3M USD] on it, don't let it go to waste keke".

In his me2day, Kim Jang Hoon refers to the government, aka MOGEF, sarcastically because they had initially given the music video a 19+ rating.  After multiple edits, including taking out a large portion of the car crash sequence, MOGEF approved the music video for public broadcast.

Paris Hilton's featuring is creating even more excitement for the full music video. Kim Jang Hoon previously explained that, "we considered others like Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson, but according to surveys ran in Korea, Paris Hilton was more well-known to the public compared to the other two, which is how we came to choose her as our final lead".  Thanks to K-Pop's rising popularity all over the world, the casting offer was readily accepted.

The music video was filmed in both 2D and 3D versions with top Hollywood staff, including experts who worked on the movie 'Avatar'.

Watch the teaser below and tell us if it seems worth its $1.3M price tag.

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