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AA (Double A) reveals details on their comeback

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On October 2nd (KST), AA (Double A)'s official fan cafe released information pertaining to their comeback.

The entire message was posted in both Korean and English for their International fans.

Message from AA:

We always appreciate all of you who have been patiently waiting for AA's comeback.
Not to let you disappoint, AA and all staffs are hardworking and finally we are 100% ready to comeback!
So there are a few things to let you know.

First of all, it's about "AGEHA DANCE". Music Video of "AGEHA DANCE" will release soon, before the official comeback. (The song will also release after a couple of weeks, with title song.)

"AGEHA DANCE" is co-produced by 'Aoora & Frankie A.' who have been always working with.
They were inspired by "AGEHA", the biggest dance club in Japan, so they created this amazing song. (As you already knew, AA was invited by "DAISHI DANCE" to perform in there last summer.)
The video will release on AA's Official YouTube Channel at 11PM, October 2nd.

To get much closer to W, the video of "AGEHA DANCE" was shoot as self-camera of AA members. (Especially Aoora edited the video on his own.)

Second, we want to let you know that some teaser videos will release from October 8th until the comeback.
20 teaser videos will be uploaded on AA's Official YouTube Channel.
They are preview for 12 songs, and watching the video, you can get to realize when the comeback D-Day is.
So you should check every detail in them!

But you should know that the title song of AA is never included in teaser videos.
It is totally brand new style that can take you to another level. (Trust me! :-D)

Most of all, it's about time for AA to come back to all of you.
Please notice that AA is finally ready to return.
AA has been patiently waiting and hardworking to meet W again, just like W did.
This is the moment that we all have been waiting for.
So AA want W to come back again and show the greatest love and support ever.

We will be back soon with new things to notice.
Please wait until then with passionate attention and love for AA.
Thank you for reading this long notice.

So it seems AA will be releasing the music video for "Ageha Dance" as a teaser for fans on October 2nd. Starting from October 8th they will release an EXO-like 20 teasers before their actual comeback.

As we wait for the comeback, check out some of their recently shared photos below.


Source: Double A's Official Fan Cafe
[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]




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