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Co-ed rookie duo The Cheers releases debut MV for "YA" + "I'm Worry About U" full audio

October 8, 2012 @ 4:12 am
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Top music producer Kim Hyung Suk has decided to give idol production a go with the production of his very own co-ed duo, The Cheers.

The Cheers is a talented duo who actually won bronze at the MBC College Singing Competition in 2008. They come equipped with singer/songwriter skills, as both Robin and Myungmi have composed and penned the lyrics for "YA" and "I'm Worry About U" from their debut album.

Robin is a highly talented guitarist that has participated in the composing, writing, arranging, programming, mixing, and producing for the album, while Myungmi wrote lyrics and also directed the choreography.

Their relationship with Kim Hyung Suk dates back to when they were student and professor at Howon University. Kim Hyung Suk fell in love with the duo's unique and quirky musical style and set out to give them his full support.

Check out their music video for "YA" plus the audio for "I'm Worry About U" below! What do you think?

I'm Worry About U

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