miss A's Suzy reveals her '424' face washing routine

August 16, 2012 @ 1:39 am
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The 'nation's first love' icon Suzy revealed a few secrets to maintaining her youthful beauty.

On the August 15th broadcast of 'Get It Beauty', Suzy and her makeup artist Hong Sung Hee stepped forward to teach viewers how to obtain the singer's classic makeup look.

The program staff members remarked, "Suzy, who revealed she cleanses her face for a 10 full minutes emphasized that the basic steps are most important in obtaining a natural look with makeup."

"She went on to say that a thorough cleanse is absolutely necessary to get rid of the waste in your pores, and you must follow up your cleanse with a toner and lotion that's right for your skin type," they continued. "Suzy added that it's important to take enough time for the toner and lotion to be absorbed by your skin. Afterwards, use a lip tint to add color to your lips and cheeks, use a pencil to line your eyes and eyebrows, and finish with a spritz of moisturizing mist."

On the program, Suzy introduced her '424' face-wash routine, which consists of 4 minutes of removing her makeup with cleansing oil, 2 minutes of massaging her skin with a foam cleanser, and 4 minutes of thoroughly washing with water.

The singer remarked, "When I get older, I won't have the skin I do now, so I have to take good care of it. I don't have troublesome skin, though, so I don't worry too much," evoking envy from program MCs Eugene and Kim Jung Min.

Source & Image : OSEN via Nate

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