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Ji Hyun Woo speaks out on his confession to Yoo In Na

June 11, 2012 @ 3:42 pm
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Just last week, Ji Hyun Woo made a romantic confession towards Yoo In Na at a fanmeeting for tvN's 'Queen Inhyun's Man'. Fans and netizens alike have responded to the event with shock, concern, and criticism. On June 11th, Ji Hyun Woo has decided to address these mixed reactions via his Twitter account.

To the fans who have expressed concern, Ji Hyun Woo stated, "Aigoo~,really! [You guys] are worrying [about me] a lot~! I'm fine, eating and living well~I haven't disappeared~ so don't worry~! If I had a chance to do that situation over, I would act the same way!"

To those who criticized his public confession, Ji Hyun Woo confidently added, "Ah~, and also, since the ancient of times, they say that those who concern themselves too much with other people's business never turn out that well~ So please only moderately pay attention to me~ Everyone be happy!"

Those who saw Ji Hyun Woo's recent tweet responded with, "A brave act; [he's] so cool," "Isn't [his public confession a bit] lacking in consideration?," "Anyhow, it's obvious he wasn't going to disappear [after all of this]," and "Leave Ji Hyun Woo alone guys."

Source: Ji Hyun Woo's Twitter

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

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