Shinhwa reveals Minwoo and Andy's past interview slip-ups

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Idol group Shinhwa guest starred on the April 30th episode of KBS2 TV's 'Hello', where they listened to the concerns of  the contestants.

One of the contestants expressed her concern about an ignorant friend, who is known for her clueless answers to basic questions. She mentioned that her friend answered, "Paris," in response to a question about the capital of the United States.

This prompted MC Shin Dong Yup to ask the Shinhwa members, "Out of the members, who do you feel like is lacking a bit [in terms of intelligence]?"

Member Dongwan quickly replied "Minwoo." Eric explained the reason behind Dongwan's answer as he recalled a time when the group was being interviewed for their 14th anniversary comeback.

"The reporter asked us, 'Don't you feel you have aged a lot?' to which Minwoo replied, 'That's such a ridiculous question,' when he meant to say 'That's such a funny question.' We all tried to laugh it off, but then Minwoo went on to give a weird answer, 'Everybody eventually dies.' So the other members and I all panicked, and let Junjin do the interview instead."

Not liking that he was called out as the least bright member of the group, Minwoo launched into an account of Andy's answer that had left all the members and reporters dumbfounded during an interview back in 1998 when they first debuted.

Minwoo revealed, "At the time, Andy was introduced to everyone as H.O.T Tony's hoobae. So the reporter asked Andy, 'What kind of opportunities led you to become Tony's hoobae?' and Andy replied, 'Yes, opportunities occurred, and I became his hoobae.'"

The set burst into laughter after hearing Andy's response as he looked away due to embarrassment.

The hilarious segment starts at the 11:50 mark below.


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