Lee Seung Gi, "Working with Ha Ji Won is a dream come true"

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On April 11th, MBC's 'The King 2 Hearts' posted an interview conducted with Lee Seung Gi on their official website.

Lee Seung Gi who plays the role of South Korean prince Lee Jae Ha said, "In the beginning, the drama gave a review of the characters, the situation between North and South Korea, and how different it is from reality, in order for the viewers to better understand the story. It revealed the evil yet important characters Yoon Jae Moon and Lee Soon Jae, how they would serve as obstacles for Jae Ha and Hangah, how they would be able to become unified, and more."

"The more the drama unfolds, the more intense it gets," he added.

In regards to working with his co-star Ha Ji Won, he said, "I've always wanted to work with Ha Ji Won, my dream came true. A lot of times you're disappointed when a situation doesn't meet your expectations and dreams, but we have better chemistry than I had ever expected and I am learning a lot from her."

In the script, Jae Ha likes beautiful women who are a little ditzy, and Lee Seung Gi was asked what his ideal type of woman was in real life. "It changes everyday," he said. "As time passes, my ideal woman changes too. It sounds a bit strange to say my ideal woman is someone who is beautiful and a little ditzy, but through Jae Ha, I realized that that kind of woman may be every guy's ideal type. It's a lot more realistic than I first thought."

Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate


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