4minute members reveal their diet secrets on 'Guerrilla Date'

April 29, 2012 @ 5:46 am
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4minute revealed that they used morning exercise and diet for their weight loss.

On April 28th, 4minute guested on KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Weekly - Guerrilla Date' where they revealed their diet secrets.

Gayoon stated, "We steam sweet potatoes and boil chicken breast everyday. With our diet, we also exercise a lot."

Jihyun added, "We exercise after we practice our choreography. That is usually around 2-3am, but we exercise at that time."

During the recording, they were also asked who they thought was there sexiest member, to which they unanimously chose HyunA. HyunA responded, "This is the first time hearing this from my members. I'm really thankful, but I now want to hear that I am cute."

Source: OSEN

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