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Cube Entertainment launches sub-label 'Cube DC'

March 14, 2012 @ 6:33 am
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After revealing the name of their upcoming male idol group, Cube Entertainment has announced the launch of their new sub-label, 'Cube DC'.

Cube DC's first artist will be the upcoming rookie group, BTOB ("B-to-B"). The seven member boy group will be debuting on March 22nd, and will also become Cube DC's first artist to debut.

Cube DC has set out to bring "customized artist management" in the long run by fragmenting the world market and utilizing individualized promotion strategies for the various markets of the world.

Their first artist, BTOB, will emphasize the emotional aspects of K-Pop through mesmerizing vocals, beautiful melodies, and lyrics, to establish a new "global standard" in the K-Pop market, and showcase their distinct appeal.

In related news, BTOB has launched a new teaser site today (, showcasing an 'ID FILM' that is designed to show fans abroad as well as those within Korea what they are about.

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