'Beatoy' releases new photos of their S/S line featuring B2ST

March 12, 2012 @ 5:06 am
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In time for the warmer weather, B2ST is back with a fresh new set of pictorial photos for their American vintage casual endorsement, 'Beatoy'.

The new Spring/Summer pictorial shows the boys dressed lightly and casually in bright colors that play up their cute looks. The photoshoot was held at a studio in Shinsadong on March 7th, and as always, the boys were revealed to have brightened up the set with their natural energy.

Set to the concept of 'When you are bored', the boys made rounds in cute character themed t-shirts, checkered shirts, shorts, and refreshing vintage styles that were given a unique take thanks to their own variety of poses and use of accessories.

Further cuts from their photoshoot can be seen through Beatoy's catalogue and website starting by the end of this month.

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Source + Photos: X Sports News via Naver

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