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Jay Park offers to marry a fan but gets rejected

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Singer Jay Park offered to marry a fan in his attempt to persuade her to get a hair cut, but he was flatly rejected.

A concerned father of three daughters was a guest on the February 27th broadcast of KBS 2TV's 'National Talk Show Hello'. The father expressed his concern for his three daughters who have never cut their hair even once since they were born.

If you combine the lengths of his daughters hair (oldest having 70.86 inches or 5'11", second daughter 66.90 inches or 5'7", and the youngest 57.06 inches long or 4'9"), the total length comes out to be a bit over 16 feet long!

The father expressed his desire for the girls to cut their hair and added, "There have been a number of times where the girls could have gotten seriously hurt because of the length of their hair."

In addition, the father revealed that his second daughter is a huge Jay Park fan and eagerly asked Jay to convince his daughter to have her hair cut.

"If you cut your hair, I'll give you a signed CD, a hug and will even take a picture with you," Jae generously offered, but the girl still refused.

Jay later went on to say that he would even marry her if she cut her hair, but unfortunately the girl rejected him again saying, "I'd feel burdensome marrying you, since you're a major celebrity," causing the viewers to laugh.

Source & Image: TV Report via Nate


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