Park So Hyun becomes an affectionate wife for husband Kim Won Jun

January 14, 2012 @ 9:00 pm
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Kim Won Jun's wish finally came true.

On the January 14th episode of MBC's 'We Got Married', Kim Won Jun's 'wife' Park So Hyun who has trouble revealing her true emotions finally showed some 'aegyo' for her on-air husband.

The two who went on a special 'winter-date' both prepared gifts for one another, and enjoyed some quality time together in the streets of Hongdae.

Kim Won Jun who was always upset that his wife didn't show more affection was finally was able to get what he wanted.

His wife Park So Hyun began showing all of her 'aegyo' that she has been hiding until now.

She transformed into a cute and affectionate wife saying, "Oppa~ Bbuing Bbuing~", and putting on an 'aegyo' parade for Kim Won Jun.

Kim Won Jun on the other hand prepared a special romantic event for his wife at the skating rink that brought her to shed some emotional tears.

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate

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