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B.A.P. makes a fierce debut with "Warrior" on 'Music Bank'!

January 27, 2012 @ 10:34 am
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TS Entertainment's first boy group, B.A.P, have finally unleashed their debut single, 'Warrior' and they've officially kicked off their live stage promotions, starting with today's episode of KBS 'Music Bank'.

While their music video blew fans away with its 'in-your-face' attitude and strong swagger, many were waiting for their live performance to develop an opinion. On January 27th, the boys delivered an outstanding debut stage that drew loud screams and even fan chants from the audience.

There's no doubt that B.A.P. will continue to take the music industry by surprise, acting as a tough challenge for other rookie groups that plan to debut this year.

Without further ado, check out B.A.P.'s epic stages below!

HD Video:

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