K.Will, SISTAR & Boyfriend volunteer to serve their local community

December 6, 2011 @ 5:11 am
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Starship Entertainment labelmates K.Will, Boyfriend, and SISTAR recently combined their efforts to complete volunteer work in Seoul. The girls of SISTAR who were recently honored as 'ambassadors of energy' volunteered to help the less fortunate citizens of Youngdeungpo Seoul in an effort to spread positive energy and encouragement. Fellow artists K.Will and Boyfriend also stepped in, distributing coals, visiting the elderly and feeding the homeless. The eleven singers worked extremely hard and at the end of the day, each had traces of charcoal on their cheeks. Although the weather was cold, they did not lose their spirit or their smiles. Their agency remarked, "The Starship Entertainment family members volunteered this year because we wanted to be able to do our part to spread a little love in the community." The label also worked on a special 'Pink Romance' album, and part of the profits from the album will be donated to help the neglected and less fortunate. Source & Image : MyDaily

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