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Lee Sang Soon, the man that captured Lee Hyori's heart

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Roller Coaster band member Lee Sang Soon was recently unveiled as singer Lee Hyori's current boyfriend, but what did he have to attract the heart of the nation's sexiest female celebrity? Lee Sang Soon debuted in the acid jazz modern rock band Roller Coaster back in 1999 with their debut album, 'Come to Me'. He is acknowledged as a very skilled multi-talented musician, promoting with his band as well as working on OSTs (soundtracks) for various movies. According to his acquaintances, Lee Sang Soon is a true musician who loves music. He is a guy who you can take at face value, a prudent and cautious man who doesn't pretend to be someone he's not. His representatives told OSEN on the 28th, "He is a man of few words, however, his mannerisms and his actions show that he's a very trustworthy guy. He's a man that makes other people around him feel secure when he's around. He's an extremely deliberate man; he was very cautious in approaching Hyori and also when making statements regarding their relationship... Both his lifestyle and music reflect that he is a simple, down-to-earth guy. He's quite a good person." He is also a people-person, and has close relationships with many celebrities. He is close with singer Kim Dong Ryul- the two produced albums together, and he is also reportedly close with singer Jung Jae Hyung as well as composer Yoon Il Sang. But in addition to his his musical talents and unique appeals, his great love for animals seems to be what sealed the deal for singer Hyori. Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyori are both a part of KARA [Korea Animal Rights Advocates], the two met while working on "Remember," a song Hyori recorded to help raise funds for abandoned animals, and the two have reportedly been dating ever since. In related news, their close friends have congratulated their relationship through various social networking sites. Check out some of his work below. Source & Image : OSEN


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