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Wonder Girls release an official comeback date!

October 24, 2011 @ 2:58 am
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News of the Wonder Girls' comeback has been out for months now, but until now there has been no official date.  Today, all that has changed as the girls have finally just confirmed an official comeback date! Digital music distributors revealed, "The Wonder Girls' second official album will be available starting November 7th." The confirmation has music fans wondering how they'll fare against SNSD, who recently made their comeback with their third album, 'The Boys'.  They've already begun their performances, which leaves roughly three weeks of room between the two comebacks. Fortunately, it's enough time to see some friendly competition between the two groups. The Wonder Girls will only be promoting for a month, however, before they prepare for their Asian promotion tour in December.  The girls will also be returning to the States in time for the release of their movie, 'The Wonder Girls at the Apollo'. Source + Photos: MK via Naver

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