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Shin Se Kyung amazes audience with her singing on 'Infinity Challenge'

October 2, 2011 @ 1:22 am
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On October 1st, MBC's 'Infinity Challenge' aired their 3rd 'Hana Mana' concert! Differentiating from their previous concerts, this time a new set of singers participated including: Lee Jung, Kim Shin Young, Shin Se Kyung, Woo Seung Min, Go Young Wook, and Park Hyo Joon.  The new participants had fun displaying their dancing and singing skills, showcasing different genres from the previous concert. What surprised everyone the most however, was Shin Se Kyung, who confidently performed in front of the crowd.. Without any hesitation, she skillfully performed while still maintaining elegant and graceful appearance. Only two groups out of the seven were allowed to perform in front of the crowd.  The members had the audience cracking up when they chaotically competed against each other in hopes of being chosen as one of the two teams.  TV viewers and spectators alike enjoyed watching the shenanigans as the members held talk shows and games between each performance. The concert took place in Gyeonggi-do where many nearby residents came to cheer the members on. Take a look at their preparation video from last week!   Source + Photos: Osen  

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