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M.I.B to release solo spin-off tracks after group debut

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As earlier reported, Jungle Entertainment, home to artists like Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae (Tasha), and Leessang, is unveiling a new four-member group, M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters). M.I.B is taking a huge risk for their first release, as they will be the first Korean artist to debut with a "spin-off promotion" -- that is, taking the group's original debut song then releasing spin-off solo tracks and music videos for each member. Beginning with member 5zic, M.I.B will begin releasing these solo tracks on October 7th, with two days between each release. Once all the members release their individual songs, M.I.B will make their official debut as a four-member group with their full-length album on the 25th. The rookie group also has a showcase scheduled on October 20th at Olympic Hall to discuss their new album. The spin-off promotional technique is not geared toward building popularity but showcasing each member's unique talents and personality.  It will serve as a chance for each member to distinguish himself, rather than always being collectively identified as 'M.I.B'. It's definitely a gamble, but they want to prove to fans that each member is more than capable of debuting as a solo artist, and when the four come together to make their official debut towards the end of the month, it will be that much more epic. Impressively enough, M.I.B has written, composed and produced all eleven tracks on their upcoming album. The promotions for their new album kick off on October 7th with the release of 5zic's solo track, so stay tuned!


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