'Protect the Boss' to extend series with two more episodes

September 9, 2011 @ 1:21 pm
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SBS's 'Protect the Boss' revealed that they will be extending the series by two whole episodes! 'Protect the Boss' is currently well-received amongst fans for being a unique drama without any antagonists, and for presenting respectable content in each episode. With love lines finally building up in recent episodes, fans are looking forward to the story's development through this extension. The drama was originally scheduled for 16 episodes, but producers revealed that they've grown very affectionate of the characters and didn't hesitate in accepting an extension offer. One producer praised, "The teamwork is amazing" before he continued, "The viewer ratings that we guess as a team are oftentimes a lot higher than what the actual viewer ratings are. There are still so many stories regarding the characters' love lives and such, which is why we confirmed an extension for the drama." To accommodate the change, 'The Tree of Deep Roots' will begin airing on October 5th. Source + Photos: Sports Chosun

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