Gary chooses Lee Yeon Hee over Song Ji Hyo on 'Running Man'

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In the most recent episode of SBS TV 'Good Sunday-Running Man', beautiful actress Lee Yeon Hee made a surprise entrance on the show, causing the male hosts to panic in excitement. On September 18th, 'Running Man' featured a special episode guested by actor, Kim Joo Hyuk, actress Lee Yeon Hee, and Kara's Kang Ji Young.  The show started off with the running man team standing in front of the Great Wall of China in Beijing, China.  As they were preparing to start their mission, they were caught off guard by a grand entrance made by the following three guests.  Lee Yeon Hee's beauty captivated the male hosts which caused them to smile uncontrollably.  Lee Yeon Hee's presence was so great that the members even forgot about Kara's Ji Young and actor Kim Joo Hyuk. To create teams of three, the featured guests were required to pick out folded paper fans which contained the members' names.  Whoever's name appeared on the unfolded fan, would have to join the guest who picked out that particular fan.  Lee Yeon Hee unfolded her fan first and the revealed name was none other than Gary.  Gary could not suppress his excitement as he moon-walked towards Lee Yeon Hee causing everyone to laugh. Jealous members immediately asked Gary, "What about your lover, Song Ji Hyo?" which Gary replied, "Who is she again?". Gary's hilarious response caused the entire set falling down on their knees while laughing without restraint.  Gary and Song Ji Hyo are famous on the show as the 'Monday Couple'.  Unfortunately for Song Ji Hyo though, Gary seemed to have chosen Lee Yeon Hee over her. Running man member Haha also confessed his love for Lee Yeon Hee and expressed, "I can't believe we are filming in front of the Great Wall of China, but having Yeon Hee standing beside me is like a dream~~" Check out a preview of the episode below! Source + Photos: tvreport via Naver


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