Four variety show producers speak out on Kang Ho Dong's temporary retirement

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Earlier today, Korea was stunned by the news that one of the most nationally recognized figures of the entertainment industry, Kang Ho Dong, declared that he would be temporarily retiring from his position as the "nation's MC". Aside from his manager and a select few producers of his variety shows, many claimed that they didn't see this coming and turned to each other for clues behind his decision-making process. Four variety program producers who worked closely with Kang Ho Dong spoke up and shared their opinions on the entire ordeal.  Check them out below: -- Producer 'A': "I think that he made a decision that reflected who he is as a person.  As someone who knows him closely, I'm understanding of his decision because I truly believe that it was because he's Kang Ho Dong that he was able to come to such a conclusion.  He's a Kyungsangdo man in his 40's. When you strip away the celebrity glamor, he's just an old man from the countryside who was involved in sports all his life.  His view on life is conservative and he's highly conscious of the views of others.  I think he was just afraid of what everyone was saying about him so suddenly." -- B: "I can understand why he emotionally came to such a decision, but from the viewpoint of the producers and viewers who work with him, he made a selfish choice.  '1 Night 2 Days', 'Strong Heart' and 'Knee-Drop Guru' are programs that only exist because of him.  'Strong Heart' was only allowed to be called 'Strong Heart' because Kang Ho Dong launched it from the start.  If not Kang Ho Dong, who can do 'Knee-Drop Guru'?  I'm disappointed and can't help but wonder whether he really couldn't up with another decision other than a temporary retirement." -- C: "People have a tendency to be flexible and open-minded about the law and others with power, but they're especially cruel and critical of entertainers, which I think goes the same for Kang Ho Dong's case. Whether intentional or a mistake, this tax issue is something that happens quite often with a lot of people.  It's not like Kang Ho Dong said that he refuses to pay the fee or that he was suing, he promised that he would make the proper adjustments.  People are being too critical.  The industry has lost one talented, outstanding individual." -- D: "I think he made the best decision for this situation.  He most likely thought that it'd be difficult to continue promoting amidst bubbling criticism.  He used the term 'temporary'. Even if he had said that he would be retiring permanently, the industry would not just let him go like that once his period of reflection is over.  There are so many producers and fellow staff out there who will move mountains to bring him back.  Just like the other celebrities who made their return after committing a mistake, I trust that he will be back as well. Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver


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