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Jo Yeo Jung and G.O shows off their friendship

August 9, 2011 @ 6:05 pm
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Actress Jo Yeo Jung recently revealed a selca with MBLAQ's G.O. On August 8th, Jo Yeo Jung wrote on her Twitter "MBLAQ's G.O and I, what have we come here to do?" and added the above photo. In the photo, Jo Yeo Jung is seen wearing a pretty, blue polka-dotted hairband while smiling widely. Next to her, G.O is wearing glasses and is seen with a thumbs up pose along with a slight hint of a smile. Also, Jo Yeo Jung and G.O show off their perceived close friendship as they're seen sticking close to each other side by side, which received much envy from netizens. Netizens who have viewed the photo left comments such as, "I'm looking forward to this 'Immortal Song' stage so much", "The two people look good together", "G.O oppa looks different in glasses", "Unni, you're so cute", "They must really be close", "Yeo Jung unni...I'm so jealous". It's been revealed that Jo Yeo Jung participated in 'Immortal Song 2-Close Friend Special' for G.O. Source + Photo: Star News via Nate

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