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HyunA's sexy performance in the rain

August 15, 2011 @ 9:33 pm
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HyunA displayed her sexiness despite the pouring rain. On August 14th, HyunA, with her fellow members from 4minute, put on a flashy performance at the "United Cube Concert". On this day, HyunA wore a bright pink / white one piece, which accentuated her beautiful legs and one side was sleeveless which brought out her shoulder and collarbone. Because of the sudden heavy rain during the outdoor concert, 4minute, including HyunA, had no choice but to perform on stage in the pouring rain. However, the rain setting heightened the sexy appeal of the performance. In response, 4minute's performance in the rain has become one to be remembered by the fans. Fans who attended commented, "The stage was more fabulous because of the rain", "Sexy angel HyunA, even the sky is helping her", "The tan skin is shining thanks to the light reflected off the rain". In related news, the "United Cube Concert" was rocked by 4minute, G.NA, and B2ST, as well as performances by A Pink, Huh Gak, Mario, and other guest performers. Source: Newsen via Nate

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