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Are 'City Hunter' co-stars Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young dating?

August 23, 2011 @ 12:45 am
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Frequent meetings between Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have attracted netizens' attention, and rekindled rumors about how the two were secretly dating. On August 22nd, representatives from both their agencies have stepped forward to announce that the two were indeed dating, and have been for about a month! Lee Min Ho's agency, Starhaus Entertainment, told Dispatch, "When the two were together, their interest for one another could be felt. They are going towards the step of getting to know each other." The two stars were the main leads in the recently-concluded SBS drama, 'City Hunter'. Working long hours together on the set and acting out their characters' love lines appears to have sparked a romance of their own. The two have also known each other for years prior to 'City Hunter'. Park Min Young's agency, King Kong Entertainment, stated, "When the two appeared in the drama together, they were quite in tune with one another. It seems that they've developed feelings for each other during the filming and after filming concluded." In the evenings, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young either drank tea together or had a beer. They also spent their leisure time going on drives. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young's agency stated their final positions with, "It has been a little over a month since they began to show interest in one another. Other than that, we cannot reveal any more details about the actors' private lives." [gallery] Source: Dispatch via Nate



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