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Block B interview and BTS videos released by shopping mall 'Mutnam'

June 30, 2011 @ 12:47 pm
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Shopping mall Mutnam, the official provider of Block B merchandise, has just updated its website with new videos and photos of the group, along with products for sale. The making film is a collage of cuts from Block B's photoshoot for the website. The boys look chic and comfortable in their new merchandise, black tees sporting their trademark 'B' thumbs up logo, which is available in two different designs. In the interview video, Block B members explained that they chose Mutnam as their official provider because of the company's quality and good reputation in the clothing industry. Make sure to check out the site and purchase some goods before stock runs out! In the meanwhile, watch the videos below and enjoy a few of the pictures from their photoshoot! = = [gallery link="file"] Source & Images: Mutnam

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