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'Classical girl group' LA.G drops phenomenal debut single

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There've been a lot of girl groups debuting in the music industry lately, and while all received some initial hype, it seems that few were able to impress overall. That is, until LA.G came along. When InterVidi Entertainment announced that they were going to debut a 'classical music girl group', there were some raised eyebrows - what exactly would a 'classical music girl group' consist of, and could they succeed? Well their debut single has finally dropped, and it seems that LA.G perfectly blends the catchiness of idol pop with rich classical instrumentation, which was played by the members themselves. In fact, from just this initial release alone, its clear to see that LA.G is bringing some much-needed originality to the K-pop industry. Their title track, "Don't Flatter Yourself", is a bass-driven aggressive track that fits perfectly with their lyrics of scorning their former lover, who seems to think that the girls can't move on without them. Some parts in the string melody echo Beethoven's 'Fifth Symphony', which is fairly exciting when you consider how the overall track has this latin feel to it. While we could go on about their other four tracks, the most amazing aspect about LA.G (aside from their obvious talent), is that they lived up to their promised concept. Check out the single below, and don't forget to support these amazing rookies by purchasing their work here. --- 01. "Don't Flatter Yourself" feat. Shingun 02. "Shaken" 03. "Don't Flatter Yourself" (LA.G Version) 04. "Don't Flatter Yourself" (Instrumental) 05. "Shaken" (Instrumental) --- Tip: Driftaway


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