Hyun Bin to release two films before his military service

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Although actor Hyun Bin will be serving his military duties soon, it doesn't look like he plans on taking it easy. Hyun Bin will be premiering two movies before his departure - a 1966 remake movie called "Late Autumn", and a melodrama movie called "I Love You, I Love You Not". Female fans of all ages have been showing much love. Fans in their 20s stated, "After seeing Hyun Bin on 'Secret Garden', I have become a huge fan" and "The movies will be released soon and I plan to watch both movies at the movie theatre." Those in their 30s stated, "I don't plan on choosing just one of the two movies. Also, with both movies going to the Berlin International Film Festival, they must both be somewhat well-made." "Late Autumn", which is premiering on February 17th, is a remake of a famous 1966 Lee Man Hee movie which casts Hyun Bin alongside actress Tang Wei. Filmed in Seattle, the movie is about a serendipitous 3-day love affair between a female inmate on temporary leave and a young man on the run. "I Love You, I Love You Not" premiers on March 3rd, and Hyun Bin co-stars alongside actress Im Soo Jung. This movie portrays a couple who is on the brink of divorce after five years of marriage. Im Soo Jung's plays the role of the wife who falls for another man and initiates the divorce, while Hyun Bin plays the husband who is still carefully considerate to his wife - making his intentions unknown. "Late Autumn" has received an official invitation to the forum section of the '61st Berlin International Film Festival', while "I Love You, I Love You Not" has been invited to the competition section. Considering how the Berlin International Film Festival's competition sector is a red-carpet event, both Hyun Bin and Im Soo Jung will have the honor of representing Asia by walking the red-carpet. Source: Osen via Stoo


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