Taeyang's older brother, Dong Hyun Bae, to debut as an actor

November 11, 2010 @ 10:55 am
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Big Bang Taeyang's older brother is getting to debut in the entertainment industry as an actor. Dong Hyun Bae (27), currently majoring in drama and film at Daejin University, has already accomplished a wide variety of projects that will help him greatly for his official acting debut. The future actor was cast for the short film "Viagra Uproar", as well as for the movies "She's On Duty" and "Republic of Korea 1%". Dong Hyun Bae also performed in the play "The Changed World", and the musical 'Grease'. On top of it all, he's featured on a CF for 'Bang Bang', through which he was able to showcase his sexy dance moves and capture the interest of female viewers. A representative of his agency stated, "We are currently reviewing possible future drama and movie projects. As an actor, he has a full grasp of the fundamentals and has a strong passion for acting, so it would be good to anticipate his future acting roles." Look forward to this intriguing man's debut! We'll keep an eye out for any of his future projects, so stay tuned. Source + Photo: BNT News

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