Song Ji Hyo chooses Leessang's Gary over Song Joong Ki

November 21, 2010 @ 10:39 pm
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Despite handsome actor Song Joong Ki's romantic proposal, actress Song Ji Hyo chose Leessang's Gary as her partner. On the 21st, SBS Running Man held its race this week on top of Busan Kwang Ahn Dae Gyo's cruise. For fun, the members held a corner called "Love Cruise" mission where each member had to choose a person they would like to enjoy the scenery with as a couple. For the first round, Ji Hyo chose Joong Ki in regards to looks and Joong Ki in turn chose Ji Hyo. However, Gary, who is known to show a comic interest in Ji Hyo throughout the show, predictably chose her as well. For the final decision, Joong Ki gave a romantic titanic proposal while Gary proposed to Ji Hyo with a ring. To his dismay, however, the ring did not fit Ji Hyo and they proceeded to round 2 where each individual had to reveal their feelings through a sketchbook. Ji Hyo who saw the two proposals revealed her final feelings through words as she wrote, "You're going to put the ring on me again, right? Monday-Tuesday couple jjang!", ultimately choosing Gary as her partner. In response, Gary couldn't hide his happiness and smiled shyly while Joong Ki yelled "No!", in denial. Watch this hilarious romantic comedy like episode on the 21st! Source + Photo: Newsen

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