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HaHa releases "You are my Destiny 2"

October 18, 2010 @ 12:31 pm
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After gaining attention for the recent rumor from "Infinity Challenge" that HaHa showed romantic interest in both Song Ji Hyo & Yoo In Na, the digital release is further piling interest as netizens suspect this song is intended for one of the two stars.  Netizens are also encouraging the cheerful mood of the song, and presumably HaHa's current self. Although the song is definitely about a new found love, HaHa said he is just "friends" with Song Ji Hyo, and denied that he asked No Hong Chul for a chance to meet with Yoo In Na. "You are my Destiny 2" shares the similar witty intro as the former single, and the melody is extremely catchy. In summary, it is about an ugly, short, and plump man who finds joy in living because of his love for a woman. Instead of just altering the style of the song, the lyrics tell the continued story from "You are my Destiny", and the focus on synthetic instruments creates a completely different mood from the previous song. Also, even though he lacks the vocals of Mariah Carey, HaHa's easily recognizable voice added its own niche appeal.

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