Wonder Girls bring the dorkiness to EXR with Pucca look

August 19, 2010 @ 7:42 am
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Ladies with mustaches, a mandu with hair buns... talk about dork overload! It was announced last month that the Wonder Girls would be linking up with the ever-familiar Pucca (뿌까) to help popular fashion brand EXR make its upcoming expansion to the States. Never-before-seen photos from a recent photoshoot for the fall/winter collection hit the internet today, immediately sparking interest amongst Wonderfuls and EXR fans alike. According to forum posts on Daum, the photoshoot is still in its early stages, but since we've begun to see other brands unveiling collections, EXR should be following suit very soon as well. Check out the brand new photos below - Sohee makes an adorable Pucca, don't you think? [gallery columns=2] It has also been confirmed that EXR will release a Wonder Girls line and Pucca-themed line which will be revealed in Korea then released in the United States as well. Excited for hallyu fashion to hit the America? Leave your comments below!

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