SNSD's Tiffany is receiving treatment for her throat

June 16, 2010 @ 2:03 pm
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It was revealed today that SNSD's Tiffany has been having issues with her throat recently again. A representative said, "It's fact that Tiffany is receiving treatment for her throat but it's not serious. Although further tests are required for a more detailed diagnosis, long-term treatment isn't required. To aid in a speedy recovery, Tiffany is being hospitalized for treatment." With Music Core happening in just a few days time on June 19th, and marking Tiffany and Yuri's MC return to Music Core after a three weeks break, it's still sketchy whether the former will return as scheduled. A Music Core representative expressed that they are aware of the situation and will make a decision soon. We wish Tiffany all the best!

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