Who is SNSD's ideal man as a whole?

February 8, 2010 @ 1:06 am
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We've all seen individual members of SNSD play the Ideal World Cup game before, but what about SNSD's ideal man as a whole?  Well that's exactly what was revealed during the recent episode of Sweet Night in which SNSD (except YoonA) played the Ideal World Cup game as a group. As an additional twist, the show also included childhood pictures of male celebrities during the game.  It was funny to see how the votes sometime flipped for the pictures of celebrities back when they were children versus pictures of them now.  However, once the the dust settles it was only 2PM's Taecyeon and actor Song Seung Hun that remained standing, vying for the title of Korea's most envied man.  And with the final vote count of 6 to 2, Song Seung Hun was crowned as SNSD's ideal man. The whole time I was watching this, I was anxiously waiting for my picture to show up on the screen, but I guess the rumor floating around that I am not SNSD's ideal man is true after all.  I was really hoping that it was just another one of those stupid rumors my mom likes to spread in order to destroy my self esteem.  Like that one time she told all the neighbors that I eat cereal with water and that I like to wear panties.  FALSE! I do not eat cereal with water.

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