Kim Ji Soo reaches out to her fans

January 11, 2010 @ 5:55 pm
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Actress Kim Ji Soo reached out to the fans for the first time since breaking up with her long-time boyfriend in 2009. Through her personal blog, Kim Ji Soo addressed her fans by writing: "Last year was full of changes. But I believe these changes, for better or for worse, have all had a significant impact on my life." Last October, Kim Ji Soo ended her six-year relationship to fellow actor Kim Joo Hyuk for reasons that were not known to the public. On her blog, she went onto write: "Even if things may be hard for all of us right now, we still have a bright future ahead of us, so please don't give up hope. Once I recharge my energy and my emotions… I'll make a comeback" And lastly for her fans, Kim Ji Soo wrote: "Don't worry about me too much… I realized I have to live hard for all the fans who have cheered me on through the difficult times."

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