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4minute's OFFICIAL "Jingle Jingle" MV released!

December 4, 2009 @ 7:17 am
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A couple days ago, girl group 4minute released their Christmas track Jingle Jingle, which also features Mario and Amen. We were able to see a video of them singing in the studio, which we originally thought was the MV, but it turns out to not be the official MV. We had a feeling though, because it was such a low budget production compared to what we are used to seeing from Cube Entertainment. Anyway, the OFFICIAL Jingle Jingle MV is now out! The music video takes on a very cartoon like winter wonderland concept with its retro and cute animation. We also get to see our sexy rapper Jiyoon take on a whole new hairstyle and it seems the girls ditched the sexy and powerful concept for a new cute and cozy look to fit the mood of the holiday season! Remember to join the 4minutes fan forum as well!



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