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LOONA's Yves returns to fans in a cover of DAY6 Young K's song "Just for Today, Only You, This Day"

LOONA's Yves blessed fans with her heavenly vocals in a soul-stirring cover of DAY6 Young K's "Just for Today, Only You, This Day". This release coincides with her 6th anniversary in the music industry, celebrating her journey since debuting as the 9th member of LOONA in 2017. Her debut was marked by the release of her solo album "Yves" and the hit title track "new".

Expanding her presence, Yves recently launched her own YouTube channel. Her inaugural cover on the platform, a rendition of "Seven" by Jung Kook, was met with enthusiastic acclaim from fans. This move comes as a joyful update for her supporters, especially following her victorious legal battle against BlockBerry Creative.

At the end of her latest video, Yves shares a heartfelt message, further connecting with her audience and sharing insights into her artistic journey.

"Sometimes, I feel like time has passed in vain,
I also felt endlessly sad because I was consumed by thoughts of things like I should have done better.
Every time that happened, he reached out his hand to me when I was weak and stayed by my side in silence.
It was our fans.
They say that a relationship is equal to one part of the universe.
He found me, who was like dust floating endlessly in the vast universe.
It's all thanks to you all that allowed me to fly like a dandelion seed.
During this period of 6 years, if it is short, it is short, if it is long, it is long,
All the relationships, events, and even trivial moments that have made me who I am today.
Thank you again today,
I think love has an overlapping meaning with hate.
When you love something too much, sometimes you end up hating it too much.
You hate me for always speaking in a fancy way, right?
I'm very sorry and it's obvious, but I love you again. ᐟ
Please continue to hate me and love me as much as you do now.
I will always be by your side.
Oh, I had a hard time pretending not to notice the prom messages so I could post this secretly today.
I was watching everything haha
I feel refreshed now~

Today is the 6th year since I met you, Eve.

p.s. Do you think I have some editing skills? lol
And I love our Soyoung who touched the color of the video.
Just don't dance."

Stay tuned for more updates on LOONA, and don't forget to support Yves as this is her own YouTube channel (Yves Channel Link).

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Selfishly I wish she would have followed the other members to one of their new companies, and continued in one of their groups. But I hope her solo path takes her where she wants to go.

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wonyoungfied-554 pts Tuesday, November 28, 2023 0
Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Her makeup is really Sullicore

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