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Netizens are critical of Lim Chang Jung revealing his candid thoughts on launching mimiirose


Lim Chang Jung revealed his candid thoughts on launching mimiirose.

On February 11th, Lim Chang Jung made a guest appearance on Channel A's 'Open Interview.' During the interview, he talked about selling rights to publish and artist royalties of 170 of his songs to fund his project of launching idol groups. When asked why he decided to create idol groups, he said, "I think it's only natural for anyone who succeeded in the industry wants to coach and create his juniors to receive the same love and support he or she did."  

But he added, "But I made a mistake thinking I would succeed at it just because I stayed in the industry for two-three decades. I thought they would take first place immediately upon debut. Business and performing are two very different things, and I learned it the hard way." 

After his interview, however, many netizens were critical of his comments. 

Some of the comments are: "He should keep his mouth shut if he really wants to see mimiirose succeed."

"Him keep saying things like this just makes mimiirose seem like a flop when they are only just starting out."

"The more he comes forward the fewer people want to stan mimiirose. Why doesn't he know this?"

"Producers need to be trendy but he is just way too old-fashioned." 

"He should stop trying to promote the group with his financial difficulties. It's just a bad rep."

"I feel so bad for mimiirose. Their debut song is 'Rose' and you should check it out on it's Live. Don't think they are a flop based on what he says about the group. Members are fine and compared to the size of the label, their first week sales aren't too bad."  

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Fjxgjcujfc705 pts Saturday, February 11, 2023 3
Saturday, February 11, 2023

Here's a proof to everyone that having a popular producer is not a sure ticket to success. In fact most groups produced by popular producers like brave brothers, rain, jackie chan, teddy riley, e-tribe, et. al. don't really do so well.

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Tinkerbell23451,212 pts Saturday, February 11, 2023 0
Saturday, February 11, 2023

Based off the quality of their MV….I can tell there was some struggle there. But every time I hear of this group, it’s associated to his sob story. It’s a bad look. Not to mention I think he made his come back music wise to help fund MR next comeback. I like that he dedicated, but he should be realistic about idol realm. It’s rare for a group from a brand new small agencies to just explode. So he should’ve planned better or consulted with his friends in the industry that’s been down the same road.

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