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TWICE Nayeon's infamous stalker debates and defends himself in an extensive interview on YouTube


The infamous stalker of TWICE's Nayeon has been interviewed.

On YouTube, a video interview surfaced in which the stalker tells his story and defends himself against the arguments presented by the YouTuber. As seen previously, TWICE's Jungyeon shared with fans that she has also been contacted by this stalker. 

In the video, the man continually expresses his wishes to obtain direct rejection from Nayeon. He talks about the urgency of the issue on his end and alleges that some of the lyrics in the past hinted to this situation. Furthermore, he states that it would be favorable for Nayeon to cover some of the "millions" of financial costs that it took thus far, given that she rejects him.

JYP Entertainment revealed back in 2020 that it had pressed criminal charges and filed restraining orders against the stalker.

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Miranikr178 pts Sunday, October 2, 2022 1
Sunday, October 2, 2022

Stop giving a platform to sick people ffs

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trogdorthe8th12,362 pts Sunday, October 2, 2022 1
Sunday, October 2, 2022

This is such an important interview and I'm glad they've shared it. The way he rages and flips so quickly is a great example of how dangerous stalkers can truly be. Nayeon's horrible situation aside, so many people (women in particular) have to suffer through these kinds of situations and in many cases help comes too late. He got this upset in a simple interview, so I can only imagine in some crazy parallel universe where Nayeon would go to him and reject him in person just how dangerously he would react. Because that happens so often if/when women address their stalkers like that. I hope this is shown to authorities in South Korea as well as in his home country of Germany. Even if he loses interest in Nayeon, he could just as easily find a new obsession with any woman who might not have the same monetary means to keep themselves protected. This many is incredibly mentally ill and needs to get help for the safety of the public as well as himself.

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