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A man barges on stage during singer Huh Gak's outdoor performance and steals the microphone, yelling, 'I can't sleep!'


An unidentified man barged onto the stage during an outdoor festival at Pohang University during singer Huh Gak's performance, stealing the singer's microphone. 

As recorded in the video above, a man appears on the stage behind Huh Gak and stalks up to the singer, yanking the microphone away from Huh Gak's hand mid-performance. Huh Gak puts a hand to his heart and stumbles back in surprise due to the man's sudden interference. According to witness accounts from the scene, the man is said to have made a motion as if intending to hit Huh Gak. 

However, a number of the festival's crew members quickly came up to drag the man away. Surrounded by the festival's crew, the unidentified man yelled into the microphone, "I can't sleep!"

Huh Gak, who seemed shaken up by the incident, was able to recover and resume his stage a few moments later. 

Regarding the incident, a representative of Huh Gak's agency Big Planet Made revealed, "Huh Gak was slightly shaken up, but he is doing fine now. He completed the stage successfully even after the incident." 

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Summersun1469 pts 7 days ago 1
7 days ago

Duuude don't know but that was funny af

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Jeneral_Kanina1,008 pts 7 days ago 3
7 days ago

How the hell the security team only comes up after like a duration of time that could cause serious harm to him? If the guy was trying to stab him, about 35 times of stabbing motion can already happened by the time the security got to him. Is it because it's Huh Gak that's on stage? Not some idol group?

Why the hell you point your camera down when it's a critical moment where your video could be crucial evidence?

Everyone seems to laugh this incident off but let me ask you if it was BTS on stage, I bet you guys want to tie the man to a pole and burn him to ashes, right?
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