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'Hellbound' actor Yang Ik Joon opens up about his panic disorder and childhood traumas


'Hellbound' actor and director Yang Ik Joon candidly opened up about his panic disorder and childhood traumas.

On the February 4th episode of 'Oh Eun Young's Golden Counseling Center' actor and director Yang Ik Joon appeared and candidly opened up about his traumas in front of the camera. He said, "As most people with mental health issues do, I first tried to get over it on my own without seeking professional help. That turned into 7 years of suffering. Now I'm on my 13th year battling with panic disorder." 

During the episode, he asked if he could wear sunglasses and take a pill to ease his nerves, which ended up making panels worried about his state. 

He continued, saying he came on to the show to ask why people tend to think of him as a push-over and he has a weird obsession about not hurting someone else's feelings. Back when he was in middle school, he shared that his classmates got into a fight. While he just sat quietly on his seat, one of the classmates who were brawling hit him with a chair, out of the blue. 

He shared another similar incident happened as an adult. "There was a networking event with insiders of the movie industry. One of the oldest seniors came up to me after a drink and suddenly started to curse me out. I couldn't understand why he was doing that to me." Yang Ik Joon continued, "He didn't stop even when I was leaving the scene." 

During the episode, he also opened up about another childhood trauma saying he had an abusive father. 

Dr. Oh Eun Young advised, "Sometimes it's hard to tell if you're overly deprecating yourself or you're just being humble. But those two are very different. You should set the boundaries for yourself."   

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