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Kim Sook causes laughter by revealing video evidence of why she gained weight as MC of 'Video Star'


Earlier this month, MBC every1's talk variety series 'Video Star' came to an end after a 5-year run. 

For the four MCs of 'Video Star', it was an emotional goodbye, as they grew very close while working together every week. 

To bid 'Video Star' and viewers farewell, comedian Kim Sook shared a YouTube video featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the final recording, as well as a collection of waiting room mukbang sessions the crew members shared together over the years!

Here, Kim Sook commented, "Since 2016, a lot has happened. But I was looking at some photos and... it turned out, I gained a lot of weight. It's because we used to always eat meals together in my room before recordings."

The comedian then revealed that the reason she gained weight during her time on 'Video Star' was due to her co-MCs, Dara and Park So Hyun!

Kim Sook: "Dara eats a banana for breakfast. But she actually can't finish one banana."

Dara: "No, my appetite got bigger so now I can finish one."

Kim Sook: "So Hyun unnie drinks an iced vanilla latte for breakfast. But she actually can't finish that small drink."

Kim Sook, to Park So Hyun: "Unnie, what did you even eat? It looks the same as it was before."

So Hyun: "You know, I ate a piece of meat." 

Kim Sook, to Dara: "Are you finished eating?"

Dara: "Yes, I'm finished. My stomach feels so full!"

Kim Sook: "I guess I'll finish it then."

Kim Sook, to Park So Hyun: "Unnie, did you eat a doughtnut as a snack?"

So Hyun: "Yes. I'm so full."

Kim Sook: "But now I have to finish it for you."

Kim Sook: "Unnie, are you done eating that snack?"

Park So Hyun: "Yes, I'm finished with it."

Kim Sook: "Unnie, are you finished with the chicken?"

Park So Hyun: "Yes. I'm full now."

Kim Sook: "Where? You didn't even eat anything."

Kim So Hyun: "Look, I ate it. There are bones."

Kim Sook: "Why did we order this much? Now me and Na Rae have to eat it all."

Kim Sook: "Dara, are you done eating?"

Dara: "Yes. I overate. I can't get through recordings if I don't replenish my energy."

Kim Sook: "What about you, unnie? Are you done eating?"

Park So Hyun: "Yeah, I'm done."

Kim Sook: /Bursts out laughing/

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just1thot313 pts Saturday, October 16, 2021 0
Saturday, October 16, 2021

Kim Sook is side splittingly funny! I still remember her in Unnies 1 & 2.

Was so happy when she took the Daesang at the KBS Entertainment Awards in 2020!



earthworm619 pts Saturday, October 16, 2021 3
Saturday, October 16, 2021

Kim Sook is in my opinion the funniest female MC in Korea. Her daesang last year was well deserved and well overdue.


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