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Kim Yo Han chokes up after seeing a video message medley from fans around the world on 'We K-Pop Friends'


During the latest installment of KBS World's web variety program 'We K-Pop Friends', former X1 member/new boy group WEi member Kim Yo Han got to showcase some of his dance moves, play all kinds of games with the hosts, and more!

Previously, when Kim Yo Han appeared on an earlier season of 'We K-Pop' during his project group X1 promotions, he wasn't able to dance due to an injury. So this time, fans sent in sincere requests asking Kim Yo Han to dance to his contentment on the program. The idol showcased a brief medley of Zico's "Any Song", NCT U's "Boss", and EXO's "Love Shot", wearing a content smile. 

Toward the end of the recording, 'We K-Pop Friends' surprised Kim Yo Han in several ways, as first, he received a sticky note board full of encouraging messages from his fans. Next, 'We K-Pop Friends' also played a medley of video messages from fans all over the world, many of whom took on the challenge of speaking in Korean.

After seeing the video message medley, Kim Yo Han said, "I've seen other singers get video letters like this, but it's my first time receiving this so I was choked up. If it was easy getting here, it would be different, but I had a lot of hardships from last November and December onward. It was really tough for me. So tough." 

Kim Yo Han added on that the supportive messages from fans gave him strength and helped him to continue in his career. "It wasn't just fan letters, but Internet comments and posts when you search on social media. I read those letters from fans. I suddenly thought, 'If I gave up now it would be a crime.' That gave me a burst of strength. I had a lot of hardship, but they all waited for me. So now I feel even sorry for my fans'," he shared. 

He wrapped up by addressing fans with, "There were many times during my promotions when I thought, 'This is really hard, this is really tough'. But seeing your messages like this, I'm realizing that I shouldn't feel so down. There are so many fans who have been waiting for me, so I will keep on repaying you little by little. I would appreciate it if you kept waiting for me kept showing me your love."

Fans can watch the latest edition of 'We K-Pop Friends' starring guest Kim Yo Han, above!

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auraxis601 pts Saturday, September 12, 2020 0
Saturday, September 12, 2020

I watch almost anything with Yohan in it. After what happened to X1, I got very curious about how the members are doing now. And I'm glad he's doing well. WEi fighting! October 5th? I think.



staytiny1,217 pts Saturday, September 12, 2020 0
Saturday, September 12, 2020

I'll support WEi for Yohan. He's so talented and with what happened last year, it really must have been challenging to keep going. I'm glad he was shown the love and support he still has, it made me tear up even though I'm not really a crier <3



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