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Netizens bring back instances where 2nd-generation female idols were viciously attacked on 'Radio Star'


In light of the ongoing controversy surrounding TV personality Kim Gu Ra, a.k.a longtime host of MBC's 'Radio Star', netizens are bringing back some instances where 2nd-generation female idols were "attacked" and "mocked" during their previous guest appearances on the talk program. 

While 'Radio Star' is well-known for its concept of "dissing" its guests, bringing up controversial topics, and holding celebrities accountable, many times throughout the show's history, viewers have expressed their discomfort at the severe degree of some of the topics mentioned on the program. 

First, in a 'Radio Star' clip from closer to Girls' Generation's debut days, the 'Radio Star' MCs comment during each of the guests' introductions, "Where is YoonA?" and "YoonA and Taeyeon are too busy to come out today", etc. This episode is famous for ingraining the image of the "ice princess" on Jessica, who "looks 'pissed' whenever people are talking about other members and not her"

Next, during a 'Radio Star' episode starring f(x)'s Krystal and the late Sulli, Sulli explains to the MCs that IU wrote the song "Peach" while thinking of Sulli. However, instead of listening to Sulli's reasons for why IU wrote the song, the MCs are more interesting in trying to sexualize the song, commenting on how peaches have a sexual connotation in Western cultures. This prompts Krystal to sigh and remark, "Can't you just see it in a pure, innocent way?"

On another 'Radio Star' episode aired in 2013, KARA members Jiyoung, the late Hara, and Seungyeon appear as guests alongside J.Y. Park. In the clip below, the MCs ask maknae Jiyoung to share some aegyo for viewers. However, Jiyoung states that she does not have much aegyo and indicates she doesn't want to. The MCs continue to pressure her until she starts crying:

On the same 'Radio Star' episode, fellow KARA member the late Hara also shed tears as the MCs continued mentioning her past dating scandal, commenting that if they don't talk about the scandal or any of Hara's "new" dating news, then they have nothing to talk about with her. Hara specifically becomes angry after MC Kyuhyun mentions, "If I start talking about Hara's personal life, her career would be ruined." Hara is angered to the point that she almost throws her water bottle at Kyuhyun:

Seeing the past clips, netizens commented, "If they did things like they did back then, there would be so many uproars", "Even knowing that it's all from the past, watching this again makes me want to cry", "And they were all so young back then too TT", "I hate this show so much, I never want my idols to go on it ever", "What's worse is that those females idols got so much hate afterward from malicious netizens for behavior issues", "I didn't realize just how rude the MCs were", and more. 

Meanwhile, 'Radio Star's MC Kim Gu Ra continues to face criticism as comedian Nam Hee Suk added on to his earlier accusations on July 30. Nam Hee Suk claimed that some of his close hoobae comedians came to ask Nam Hee Suk for help after appearing on 'Radio Star', as they felt their self-esteem was severely attacked while filming the talk show. 

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JessRivera54 pts Friday, July 31, 2020 3
Friday, July 31, 2020

Honestly, I'm a little tired of people not realising that the hosts were not the only ones to blame. The idols agencies and managers who send the idols to the show knowing the concept of it and aware that their job was basically to create controversies out of them were also responsible. Also the concept of the show was well known and many idols went several times already knowing what they were getting into. I'm not saying what they did was right, and there were episodes when they obviously did crossed the line, but there were many other idols, actors and celebrities who went there, play along, roast the mcs back and had a good time. It was not a show for everyone, and especially not young female idols, but crucifying the mcs for it seem a little too much for me.


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thealigirl85,851 pts Thursday, July 30, 2020 1
Thursday, July 30, 2020

there's a difference between being frank and being a dick


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