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Jongho from ATEEZ covered Baek Yerin's "Here I Am Again" as part of his OST series, and it is a beautiful beginning


While all of us are either sticking to home or battling the COVID-19 virus in our healthcare systems around the world, many artists are trying to stay connected to their fans by posting to social media, making videos, and in some cases, tentatively continuing to work on promotions.

ATEEZ has come forward on their Youtube channel with a proposal from each member on a video series they plan to do. For example, Hongjoong is making his series on doing things "By Hongjoong," meaning things like his covers, or his reformed clothes and accessories. Another example is Seonghwa, who plans to do his series on exploring sounds for ASMR. For more on this series plan, you can watch the video below.

Jongho is doing a series where he goes to the locations of dramas he loves to talk about the drama and about the OST. His first video came out today, and it is the first video of all the members as well. The first OST he talks about is "Here I am" by Baek Yerin, and he begins the video with a beautiful cover of the song.

If this is the kind of quality we are going to expect from the other members, then I am thoroughly excited about what's to come! Feel free to share your thoughts as well.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

There's already an article about this.


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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Stan Ateez ❤️❤️🧸



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